Huntsville Area Local Chapters

of the American Meteorological Society & National Weather Association

Next Chapter Meeting: March 3rd

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You are invited!

Our next meeting is Tuesday, March 3 at 7pm. Come early for networking and light snacks at 6:30pm. We will again hold the meeting at the NASA ETF at the US Space and Rocket Center.

Guest Speaker: 

Past, Present, and Future of Numerical Weather Prediction
Andrew Molthan, NASA SPoRT

Today’s modern numerical weather prediction systems provide near real-time and increasingly finer resolution predictions of our daily weather, ranging from relatively coarse, global models to higher resolution, regional simulations capable of capturing mesoscale phenomena. In addition, forecast capabilities have broadened from deterministic (single) operational models to larger ensembles of initial conditions and physics schemes that provide greater information about forecast uncertainty. Supporting these forecast systems requires large amounts of data from surface, upper air, and satellite networks, along with unique data assimilation systems to translate their data into model parameters. Our modern day forecasting system is built upon foundational work of scientists who developed the first schemes for computing dynamic and physical processes on a simple grid, and future systems will advance our capabilities further through more precise physics and numerical schemes. This presentation will briefly touch on the historical underpinnings of today’s NWP systems, the characteristics of some of our domestic NWP capabilities, some issues we still face today, and describe some ongoing work in our field to further advance NWP systems.

Thank you to the USSRC and NASA for allowing us to use the Education Training Facility!

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