Huntsville Area Local Chapters

of the American Meteorological Society & National Weather Association

April Chapter Meeting – Wednesday, April 9

Come join us to remember the April 1974 Super Outbreak as Tim Troutman, NWS Huntsville, takes us on a journey back 40 years to see how this outbreak impacted northern Alabama.


April Meeting Information
Date: April 9, 2014
Time: 6:30 pm social, 7:00 pm business meeting
Location: UAH Cramer Hall/NSSTC 4078 (Conference Room)
(320 Sparkman Dr. Huntsville)
Tour of the National Weather Service immediately following all meeting business (**Need an RSVP to provide NWS a list.**)


We will also hold officer elections. In accordance to our constitution (which you can now find on our website), we will elect officers to the following positions: president, vice-president, treasurer, and secretary. Nominations for the positions are now open and will remain open until the start of the election process at the meeting. Please submit your nominations (you can nominate yourself) via email to the chapter officers at or we will take final nominations at the meeting. This is a great way to help the chapter grow and continue to move forward.


Please see the cabinet position descriptions listed below.


The cabinet has also discussed establishing several committees. Committee chairs are appointed by the President based on nominations received from the membership. Please see the proposed committee descriptions below. We will discuss these more at the meeting so please read the following and bring any questions/suggestions to the April meeting.
Following the meeting, we have the opportunity to receive a tour of our local National Weather Service office. If you would like to participate in the tour, please send us your name as we need to provide a list of those that will participate in the tour.



Cabinet position descriptions:
  • President: The President of the chapter will preside over meetings. The President has the power to make all executive decisions. However if two or more officers or half of the officers object, then the matter can be brought to a vote by the executive committee. Also, the president is responsible for temporarily appointing new officers if any officer has vacated a position. This appointment is in effect until a new election can be held.
  • Vice President: The Vice President of the chapter shall assist the President with his or her duties. Also, the vice President assumes the duties of the president in his/her absence and assists the officers in their duties.
  • Treasurer: The Treasurer of the chapter shall record and report on all financial matters of the chapter. Also, the treasurer shall be responsible for collecting, depositing, and dispersing funds of the Huntsville Area Chapter of the AMS/NWA in an appropriate manner as directed by the President.
  • Secretary: The Secretary of the chapter shall record the minutes of all official meetings of the chapter. Other activities include writing after every general meeting to the national levels of AMS and NWA.
Proposed committee descriptions:
  • Webmaster: Develop, maintain, and update our chapter website with guidance from the cabinet. The website is currently set up as a WordPress template which can allow multiple people to serve as the web team. We would also like to explore options to record presentations or stream presentations at meeting to share with other chapters. I could see this committee growing beyond just the webmaster and into and IT/AV/Web team.
  • Social Committee: This committee will help the cabinet plan and execute social activities for the chapter.
  • Logistics Committee: This committee will help provide the cabinet with meeting ideas including speakers and locations. They will also help set up at meetings including providing food, as well as setup and tear down of facilities used during the meeting.
  • Marketing Committee: This committee will help market and expand our chapter’s reach to potential members and to the community. This will include developing materials to use at outreach events such as Rocket City Weather Fest.
  • NWA 2016 Annual Meeting Committee: This committee will spearhead the process for exploring options to bring the NWA 2016 Annual Meeting to Huntsville. Key tasks will include gathering support from the weather entities located in this area and submitting a proposal stating interest and support to the NWA Executive Director.

All of these committee suggestions are works in progress. We welcome any suggestions from the membership on community duties or other areas of need. Most of all, we welcome any and all volunteers to serve on these committees as either members or chairs. Please let the cabinet know if you would like to serve on a committee as a member or as a chair.

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